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Scuba Diving in the Eastern Coast Survey

The following questions will help to estimate the structure of the diving community in the South Africa’s east coast and its willingness to take part in the activities organized by the ECFWP. The questionnaire will not take long to answer and if you have a friend who dives we will be glad if you send him/her the survey. 

Your participation as a dive operator is very important for this survey.  We would be grateful if you fill it, as well as distribute it among your divers, ask them to complete it and return it to you. You can download the questionnaire to your computer and print it to fill offline.

Questionnaire in PDF format
-- Questionnaire in DOC format

Then, you can send it by:

  • Email to P.Monto-Maya@ru.ac.za
  • Fax to (046) 622 2403 , or
  • Air mail to: P.C. Heemstra, Curator of Marine Fishes,South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity, Private Bag 1015, Grahamstown 6140, South Africa

Online Questionnaire

Instructions: Please fill in the blanks or choose the most appropriate answer to you. 

1. Are you a certified scuba diver?  

  2. If not a diver, are you planning to become one?  
3. What kind of diver are you?

  4. What is your highest scuba certification level?  
5. How long have you been a certified diver?   

  6. How many scuba dives you have done since you got certified? Do not include dives from your courses.

7. How many dives in the last two (2) years?

How many in the last six (6) months?
  8. Your annual diving frequency?

9. Order the following reasons for diving from the most important (1) to the least important (5) to you.
To relax
To watch invertebrates
To go outdoors
To watch fishes
To discover a new world

  10. Do you work/represent/manage a diving center?


11. Estimate the ratio of not certified (first level students)/certified divers of a normal diving trip of yours?

  12. Estimate the ratio between students (no matter what course)/fun divers of a normal diving trip of yours?
13. Of the trips you do, what is the ratio between course/fun diving trips?      14. Have you ever participated in an environmental conservation awareness/training activity involving diving?  


15. What kind of activity? Choose the most recent.   

  16.  Are you interested in an environmental conservation awareness/training activity involving diving?   
17. Rate your fish identification skills?

What is your name?

How old are you?

Address (city):

  Street / Postal (optional)

What is your email?

  Phone number?

How did you learn about this survey?

Send the questionnaire

Thank you for your collaboration. 



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Last update: November 7, 2006