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Here are some links which you may find interesting or useful:

Associated organisations:

The South African Insitute for Aquatic Biodiversity (formerly the J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology
Kwa-Zulu Natal Nature Conservation Service

Blue Wilderness Dive Expeditions

Useful Ichthyology sites:

- As of July 2000, FishBase on the web contains practically all fish species known to science. It is about the most comprehensive site you could hope to find.
Ichthyology Web Resources
- A site which usefully brings together links to most of the useful ichthyology websites, particularly those of museums and collections
The Internet Resource Guide for Zoology - Fish pages provide enough links to other pages under several useful categories to keep just about anyone occupied, and to answer just about any question you could have about fish.
The Catalog of Fishes
is one of the most useful taxonomic research tools available, as it brings together pretty much all the known literature about all the known species of fishes into one central database. Anyone with an interest in the taxonomy of any group or species of fish will find this useful!

Other fish related sites:

Scuba Sodwana is an interesting project by Rover Media Productions who have put together a double multimedia CD of Sodwana; not only do they include things to do in Sodwana, Dive site guides, places to stay and so on, they also have a potentially very useful section on marine life identification,including a substantial fish section. We are anxiously awaiting our copy so we can give you a more in depth review of this title. They issue updates on their website to the title, so if they discover errors on the CD they can easily issue corrections (such as an incorrectly identified fish) -a very useful feature (if only books were like that!).


Other SCUBA diving related sites:

AfricanScuba is a useful site that consists primarily of an online database of dive companies and dive sites in Africa, but mostly those in South Africa at this stage of their development. Be sure to check out their E-zine for some interesting articles. You can contribute articles towards their E-zine or update their dive site database with details of your favourite underwater haunts.

Manta Scuba dive school in Johannesburg and Tofo dive charters in Inhambane, Mozambique.

Other Underwater Photography/Videography related sites:

These two sites, http://uwphotographer.net/ and http://uwimages.org/ consist of links to various underwater photography competitions from around the world which you might like to enter, and also some other links that underwater photographers might find useful.

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Last update: November 7, 2006