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Send Us a Fish!

You can send us two types of fish - either "virtual fish" in the form of photos or real fish.

If you take photos of unusual fish - be it rare fish, or fish that you have not previously seen in that area, please send the photos to us. Either underwater or normal photos are equally useful.

If you catch or find an unusual fish, please also send it to us. It would be very helpful if you could also send a clear colour photo of the fish taken as soon as possible after capture, as the colour and patterns disappear soon after death. Please freeze the fish as soon as possible after its death. Small fishes are best frozen in water in a plastic container (margarine tub, ice cream tub, etc) in a freezer. You can hand in the frozen specimen at the Oceanographic Research Institute in Durban, or the Port Elizabeth Museum in P.E. or the East London Museum. Please contact us for further information and the contact persons in your area. In all cases, please tell us the date, place and method of capture/photography. Please also include your name and contact details and a note asking that the specimen be forwarded to the South African Insitute for Aquatic Biodiversity (previously the J.L.B. Smith Institute).

If you were unable to identify the fish, we will identify it for you and give you more information about the species.

Our Address:

P.C. Heemstra
Private Bag 1015, Grahamstown 6140,
South Africa.
Telephone (046) 603 5800; Fax (046) 622 2403
e-mail: fishwatch@ru.ac.za or P.Monto-Maya@ru.ac.za


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