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The Project newsletter (The Fish-Watcher) is an interactive source of information on southern African marine fishes and their identification. It includes new records of fish species from the area, reviews and notices of books and publications concerning our fishes, and progress reports on the fish survey work. We welcome articles, letters, photographs, anecdotes and queries pertaining to marine fishes. Here is a digital archive of the Fish-Watcher magazines we have produced. We will complete the archive in the near future and add new ones as they come out. Enjoy! The Fish-Watcher will now form part of Ichthos, the newletter of the Friends of the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.

Fish-Watcher Number 1 - December 1998.

Fish-Watcher Number 3 - February 2000.

Fish-Watcher Number 6 - October 2001.


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