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Fish Education E-Centre

The Fish Education E-Centre is the place to learn about fishes. If you are planning to become a fish-watcher and you do not know where to begin, start visiting our E-Centre. Have a look at our fish descriptions, take part of the Fish-Watching Education System and begin having fun while fish-watching.

Fish Descriptions :


Butterflyfishes are common and conspicuous reef fishes at depths of 1-250 m in all tropical and warm temperate seas.  Most species are associated with coral reefs, and coral polyps are  common in the diet of some butterflyfishes.   Other species feed on a variety of small benthic (bottom-living) invertebrates (worms, crustaceans, molluscs) and algae or zooplankton (small to microscopic pelagic animals that float or swim usually near the surface).

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Fish-Watching Education System:

The ECFWP is developing a continuing education system for fish-watching, from Fish-Watcher to Master Fish-Watcher to Fish-Watching Instructor. The purpose of this system is to train divers in fish biology and ecology, fish identification, and fish research so they can collect information as life-lists, photos, habitat and behavior comments, and help support ichthyology research on South African marine fish. Keep visiting our web site to know when our first course will take place.

Fish-Watch Worksheets:

As part of the Fish-Watch Project we produce 2 Worksheets per year to facilitate fish identification and provide more information about our local fishes. A Worksheet comprises a waterproof underwater fish identification worksheet and several pages of text giving you more information about the fish illustrated on the worksheet.


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